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I walk because I remember...

I am participating in the Walk to End Hunger this year to make November, No Hunger November.

Please consider supporting my efforts to help the 1 in 9 Minnesotans who don't know where their next meal is coming from. 

This has been a great tradition that I share with my good friend Brian Denning and sometimes his children and extended family and friends. I love it. Keeps me mindful of this time of year...

I walk because I remember. I grew up in a home rife with strife... 7 children a single functioning working Mom.. and all that goes along with that scenario. At times, we didn't have food. I don't mean we didn't have healthy choices or allowed second helpings... I mean, we didn't have food. Nothing in the house. Not a can of beans. Not a bag of rice. Not a box of pasta. No milk, no eggs, no flour, no nothing!!! It happened... usually by the end of the month when all welfare/foodstamps/financail subsidies ran out... for nearly 7 days we would be without food in the house, and we depended on the one meal we got in school...when we were in school.

Through the generosity of many community agencies and churches, we would 2 to 3 times a year receive a food basket... we appreciated these at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter usually... food and a few treats we never had otherwise. We were thankful always. Even when we didn't have gas/electric to cook some of the  food. ... yes, that too. 

So, now, I walk. To remember... not just my youth and my family... but to remember all those who went hungry then, and those who go hungry now. Here in the "richest" country in the world... I remember... and I walk. 

PLEASE, JOIN ME. WALK AND DONATE! Please, if you have $25, you and I can feed up to 75 people. With this modest funding goal of $500, we have the goal to feed 1,500 people in Minnesota. If you can't afford that, please, consider a smaller amount and sharing my request wtih your contacts.

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I walk to remember...





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  • Kyle Rolfson November 2022 $106.00
  • Bill Christman November 2022 $106.00
  • Jeremy Thomas November 2022 $106.00
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