PRISM - a nonprofit organization in Golden Valley, MN - was incorporated in 1970. PRISM provides food, housing support, quality clothing and children's programs that support local community members struggling with food and housing insecurity. PRISM's mission is to provide social services and connections that empower people in our community to build healthy, stable lives. We do this through our values of collaboration, innovation, dignity and accountability.

Hunger Has No Face!

At PRISM, we know that you cannot tell someone is hunger or housing insecure by looking at them. Many people experiencing financial hardships that affect their ability to feed and house their families are our neighbors. It could be your hair dresser, the flight attendant, the grocery store clerk, the teacher at school, and even your co-worker. COVID has made this reality more prevalent with individuals and families seeking our food shelf services for the first time. We are here to provide healthy food to anyone who comes to PRISM. We NEVER turn anyone away! We don't care what car you drive or what clothes you wear. Your life yesterday does not mean you are not hungry today, or struggling to feed your family. 

Did you know today in Minnesota?:

  • 1 in 9 Minnesotans are hungry
  • 1 in 6 children in Minnesota are experiencing food insecurity today
  • Hunger exists in every community - urban, rural and suburban

During the pandemic, PRISM continues to provide food shelf services through new service-delivery models. Since March 2020, our food shelf visits have increased by 800%! PRISM has not once stopped feeding the community and we are not slowing down anytime soon!  

Support us in The Walk to End Hunger to continue providing healthy foods to anyone who comes to PRISM. You can find out more about us at


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